In order for expression (for symbolization) there must be repression, to turn chaos into order there must be a set of rules that structures the chaos into a manageable form, but the latter never encompasses the whole of the chaos. There is always a residue of the Real. In this case the need is expressed in the arbitrary decision which defines the difference between the norm and the exception, i.e.
Re-Territorializing The Physical
Mar 1, 2023 • Tobias
There are near endless examples of how technology has changed specific behaviors, but when considered as a whole one can recognize that physical social reality itself has been deterritorialized as meaningful interpersonal interaction has increasingly moved online. Ascetus is both an example, and counter-example, of this phenomenon in that many of the guys here have found that on the Ascetus forum
That Which AI Cannot Do
Feb 9, 2023 • Jwayne
AI will be able to give perfect nomothetic answers. People will be able to leverage AI to create “coaching personalities” mimicked after the style of inputs. However, AI won’t be able to give perfect idiothetic solutions to personal problems.
The perceived prosperity of the technocratic parasitic class is a temporary illusion. Jobs that largely involve answering emails, collecting convenience fees, and guarding against merit with certifications are unproductive and thus of zero value to the eternal economy. The eternal economy is that which survives the Kali Yuga. It is the physical underlaying of everything spectacle today.
Macabre Metaphysicians
Jan 27, 2023 • Jwayne
I'm fascinated by the project of East-West discursive hermeneutics. Especially the synthesis of opposites such as Marxism and jīvanmukta. Sri Aurobindo often spoke of psychic attainments he referred to as 'enhancement of an existing perception, not an altogether fresh discovery' and his efforts to 'attempt to inflect the word so as to hold cross-cultural connotations'. This is relevant to our eff
Suffering and Metaphysical Destiny
Jan 13, 2023 • Jwayne
In this essay, I introduce four kinds of suffering: Noble/Ignoble and Innocent/Non-Innocent. I also introduce the concept of a metaphysical line of unfoldment from the unmanifest to manifestation. Also, I mention a dotted line when this metaphysical line gets deviated due to the consequences of the superstructures arisen on account of the corruptions of man’s egoic consciousness. Lastly, I detai
Sacred Dialectics of the Blood
Dec 1, 2022 • Jwayne
Religion is a form of labor upon the surface of man’s being to bring out the light of the soul. At the same time religion is an occult language that must be learned before it can be spoken. It has experientially grounded reference points to both the natural world and to subjective experience that are decodable within a cosmopolitan grammar of esoterisms.
This is a symphony in four movements. The overture introduces the global, superhistorical territory of the subject. The second movement lays out a theory for religious pluralism to account for the differences in religious experience. The third movement re-applies religious experience to its political consequences. The finale is a conclusion on discerning inner will which has transcendent origins f
The Superman
May 31, 2022 • Jwayne
The superman’s view is that reality is seen from first-person-spirit or first-person-spiritual-reality. And superman has walked the earth before and will walk it again. And it has nothing to do with scientific, civilizational or collective innovation. It is a hyper-individualistic attainment that happens in spite of global social orders.
The Necessary (Symbolic) Death of Trump
Jun 21, 2021 • Juice Money
Without the symbolic death of Trumpism via a stolen election and usurpation of the “spirit” of the People, it will never be repeated, and thus die a symbolic death in public opinion as the historical necessity is not realized by the public without being forged by this traumatic symbolic death. Central to this is idea is Hegel’s theory of the role of repetition in history: “a political revo
Nondual Nietzsche
Feb 13, 2021 • Jwayne
The basic premise of nonduality is that man is a localization of an absolute self-governing whole identical with the totality of nature and existence. The teleological implication is that man may align himself with the interests of the whole and thereby bring personal suffering to an end. As he is man perceives himself as a separate being and as such his consciousness acts to further distinguish h
Spiritual Aryanism
Jan 31, 2021 • Jwayne
Very few souls have walked on the earth with such inspired madness for life as Nietzsche. He is a rare person whose writings have the religious urgency to awaken that which has been tranquilized within you by rotting cultures and faiths. His voice echoes off the page and through to the back of your skull. Hearing his words have the impact of bouncing off unreceptive dullards to no avail and striki
Jul 15, 2020 • Jwayne
Americanism is the well-documented phenomenon of universalizing the particular. Americanism is the failure to recognize that American habits, preferences and values belong uniquely to the North American context. Americanism is the confiscation of all historic traditions and their substitution by 18th French Revolution ones. Americanism is a way of thinking that removes the dissimilitudes between c
The Law As A Fetish
Jul 14, 2020 • John Brown
What is the basis for American Law? I examine the basis of American Law through fetishism, the expansion of the law as an obsession to cover its impotency, and the thorny question of Constitutional Authority. While I critique the transcendent basis of the Constitution, I do admire the strict interpretation of civil liberties encoded within. Furthermore, I quote Nietzsche out of the context he dese
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