Mullah Nasruddin

Nondual Nietzsche
February 13, 2021 • Mullah Nasruddin
The basic premise of nonduality is that man is a localization of an absolute self-governing whole identical with the totality of nature and existence. The teleological implication is that man may align himself with the interests of the whole and thereby bring personal suffering to an end. As he is man perceives himself as a separate being and as such his consciousness acts to further distinguish h
Spiritual Aryanism
January 31, 2021 • Mullah Nasruddin
Very few souls have walked on the earth with such inspired madness for life as Nietzsche. He is a rare person whose writings have the religious urgency to awaken that which has been tranquilized within you by rotting cultures and faiths. His voice echoes off the page and through to the back of your skull. Hearing his words have the impact of bouncing off unreceptive dullards to no avail and striki
July 15, 2020 • Mullah Nasruddin
Americanism is the well-documented phenomenon of universalizing the particular. Americanism is the failure to recognize that American habits, preferences and values belong uniquely to the North American context. Americanism is the confiscation of all historic traditions and their substitution by 18th French Revolution ones. Americanism is a way of thinking that removes the dissimilitudes between c
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