Sacred Dialectics of the Blood

Dec 1, 2022

Religion is a form of labor upon the surface of man’s being to bring out the light of the soul. At the same time religion is an occult language that must be learned before it can be spoken. It has experientially grounded reference points to both the natural world and to subjective experience that are decodable within a cosmopolitan grammar of esoterisms. It is the implicit acknowledgement of other faiths that binds a man’s inner calling to religion with the transcendent blood of spiritual race pulsating through history.

Facility with an instrument of labor is skillful; ignorance of the existence, purpose and legitimacy of other instruments and kinds of work is incompetence. We may verify for ourselves the efficacy and elation that one kind of laboring brings us in particular but that by no means confers an authority to deride other forms of labor which we have not practiced, nor possibly even seen.

All labor is a recycling of energy into new forms. The labor that religion results in is the divinization of earthly substance. It is the alchemy of converting golden cognition, action and feeling from the lead of bodily inertia and psychic ignorance. It is the drawing out of that sacred principle which has bestowed mud with life to birth the lotus, and that has deposited the jewel of mind into man.

This higher reality, or spirit, does not dwell in an after-life realm. It is an invisible behind and above agency working its way out through all the processes of nature. It is the burning aspiration within the heart of the artist which constantly implores the hands and the eyes for more means and more time to shine its secrets on the canvas or the page. The principle that throbs the heart is in each case unique and unbeknownst to the rest of the organism. It is one design of religious discipline to move the subject into acquaintance with this pulse that vitalizes the channels of one’s active waking being.

This interpretation, as I conceive of it, is pluralistic and allowing a multi-polar political clash and spiritually race-based dialectics in the sense of Heraclitean-Nietzschean-Heideggerian war and conflict as a primary substantiation of what being is; an endorsement of Dugin’s noomakhia; and even the notion of a perspectivally evolving or progressive ‘worldview warfare’ (Black Sunrise, Lovers of Sophia) waged by advanced elites would also be included in the notion of a meta-biological superstructural patterning that affects our innate need to adopt identities based on sensing our location or dislocation in history.

To universalize is to taunt the other to submit to the relinquishment of their own history which is absurd considering an identity-less people will amount to nothing more than a parasitic weight burdening their masters. At best, the historically dislocated vanquished can be oxen to absord the inner pain and confusion of the conquerors in a kind of transference of blame and guilt. Thus universalization is a symptom of confusion and inadequacy already, an attempt to cover-up one’s own lack of substance with a pure outpouring of quantity. To mask despair with quantitative accumulation and further rumination over its calculability is the hallmark of contemporary capitalist nihilism.

A radically anti-nihilist program would be the collective permitting, ordained by a vital intellectual assimilation, of a spontaneous recollection, through immediate action, of the revolutionary seeds supratemporally planted in the heart. We come to be what we are by remembering the haunting whispers howling through the branches of our ancestors’ history that live on through the blood in us. For the blood is not merely a carrier of oxygen and cellular life but the metaphysical memory and strength of spiritual race.

With every breath we inhale not only air but the spirit that ennobled all whom lived before us as well as those whom come after. This is not metaphorical but an ever present spiritual truth. The human body - one’s hands, eyes, hair, etc. - despite its centurial lease on life is but a replica of ancient heredity. Behind the wrinkles of heredity lie those ethereal substances which compose the will to power, truth and life manifested in the cells of the organism which are ancient beyond measure.

Man can’t help but progress or regress the uplifting tides that have washed him ashore howsoever he finds himself upon awakening to his inescapable role as a conscious being. By the determinations he consents to, and by his activity and inactivity, the future, as a prophecy of what he is meant be, is won and lost.

What is at stake in every man’s life is the cry of all the unborn generations whom depend on his resolution to influence what world will be knowable to them. Each man has to carry the past as a repository of instinct in his blood, to be a spiritual carrier of material force that can replicate inner principles into causative power on the terrestrial plane.

The end of suffering does not come from holy withdrawal from life nor a stoic resignation regarding it but in the total abandonment of self in a devotional offering through a life of action. Suffering ends with the sacrifice of persona and ego at the altar of aspiration.

Sacrifice yourself as the individualistic mover of circumstance and feeler of personalized pain and come upon the greater ecstasy of having instrumentalized your being at behest of the deeper supratemporal soul using the wisdom of the transcendent blood. To dissolve personal identity into the divine within, and to manifest with sweat the formless beyond.

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