Surviving the Spectacle Economy by Returning to the Eternal Economy

Jan 28, 2023

“A pernicious, largely unexamined legal system creates tremendous incentives for unnecessary actions designed to ward off lawsuits, feeding vast armies of high-caste technocratic parasites who produce nothing in the way of wealth-producing goods and services even as they burden the remaining productive sector with make-work rules and costly strategies to avoid potentially ruinous lawsuits.”

Charles Hugh Smith

The perceived prosperity of the technocratic parasitic class is a temporary illusion. Jobs that largely involve answering emails, collecting convenience fees, and guarding against merit with certifications are unproductive and thus of zero value to the eternal economy. The eternal economy is that which survives the Kali Yuga. It is the physical underlaying of everything spectacle today.

To build a career upon a false idea of productivity will set yourself up for failure when the wealth siphoning scam comes crashing down. The real redpill is seeing how behind the illusory facade that is the Western finacialization Ponzi scheme is an eternal physical economy based on affordable energy, raw materials, novel creation, and productive social networks that will continue to function and operate beyond any correction in a usurious social order. No IOU paper promise will change any of that. The idea that remote (WFH) re-siphoning of wealth from corporate America will sustain you indefinitely is fallacy. If you intend on surviving Western collapse, you should probably not be dependent on Western Ponzi schemes continuing.

It’s easy to say that it won’t collapse. That the Western scam will continue awhile longer and that it’s best to just “get while the getting’s good”. There is a serious case for those looking to pull themselves out of poverty to use “gaming the system” as a way to even the playing field and buy themselves enough time to escape. However, relying on the system indefinitely and failing to become a productive person outside the Spectacle will find oneself merged into the Metaverse and stuck in a hell of their own doing. Much like other worker drones who took the devils deal and now shuffle endlessly between their overpriced levered up apartments and corporate cubicles; they too are of their own doing.

Fleeing the West for Mexico will only be sustainable if you can find a way to produce outside of American work authorization. Whether that be local business or an internet business that isn’t dependent on American business models, Western bank accounts, and taxable activity. Providing an online alternative education is a valuable and sustainable service. Drop-shipping from Alibaba is not.

The speculation economy is always backed by a real physical economy. The majority of fake email jobs would not exist if there were not a vast siphoning of physical wealth away from third world resources into the coffers of a monopolistic central banking Ponzi scheme. Effectively we live in a virtual bubble economy that would cease to exist as soon as debt (i.e. future owed resources and promised labor) were called upon to be paid. Paper markets largely exist to continue kicking that can down the road by selling more speculation assets at the expense of real physical ones (see the shorting of silver).

In the end there is only so much Land, Energy, Minerals, Water, and Manufactured Weapons Systems to actually hold up and back your stock index, pension plans, legal contracts and world governments. The real Great Reset would be a world wide awakening to this fact that 90%+ of jobs are useless busy work designed to keep slaves from revolting outside their cages. Technologically we are a point where automation can replace many jobs. However, rather than freeing people of the necessity to work, large corporations have hoarded these profitable technologies to their own advantage. Now the average person works longer hours than his peasant ancestors doing unproductive busy work designed to reduce his potential of reproduction thus ensuring the future reserve resources remain proven and not probable.

Progress just means rising those wage cages ever higher and cementing the 1% in their ownership of assets. But here is the thing, those 1% and their assets rely on Weapons Systems (some of which include psychological warfare infrastructures like the media) to maintain their ownership over those limited geological resources which uphold life on Earth. Without that control via illusion and military force they would not own 99% of the planet. Without active attempts to pacify the mobs they would own nothing. This is why everyone reading this has to some extent been conditioned to default back to an assumption that things will not collapse. Because that idea is exactly what They’ve been promoting for centuries. It is how They’ve kept it from collapsing. But as we know, if we change the fantasy, we can change that reality.

The revolutionary potential that Ascetus could hold is it’s ability to spark a Copernican revolution in how normal people view the Spectacle economy. If we can somehow reach and gaslight enough of them into believing that their retirement funds, medical care, and military complexes are in fact insolvent, we could potentially trigger that paradigm shift. If we can show them how returning to the Eternal economy of self-ownership rather than debt-serfdom, of personal productive capacity rather than passive busy work, we can help render the Spectacles power over people null. If enough people opt out and return to simplistic productive labor and sustainable investments, we can destroy the Spectacle without a direct confrontation. As we know, any direct confrontation is futile when the State owns the guns.

Much of the past century has been spent focusing resistance into active confrontation (world wars 1, 2, 3, and now 4) all of which hasn’t stopped the Spectacle because active confrontation has only given it the target it needs to destroy. The cleverness behind passively opting out is that you are not actively confronting, protesting or fighting the Current Thing. You are not a “Domestic Terrorist” because you are not against the system. You are simply minimizing your reliance on and participation within it. It is those who give up completely, but remain reliant and faithful to it—those that are cynical, but ultimately do nothing, that perpetuate Clown World. By not actively reducing your reliance and building alternatives you are in fact promoting the Status Quo.

Society of the Spectacle

I may draw criticism for this, but remote income, especially those careers that are email based and managerial in nature, are not sustainable in a very real sense. It is true that today they are perhaps the only real way to get ahead economically, but first we have to understand what is happening. What is actually allowing magic internet money to flow from the ether into some digital nomads digital bank account for very little effort? Well it’s not actually coming from the ether. It is coming from strip-mined labor in resource rich yet militarily poor nations unable to impose their own wills against a militarily backed parasitic superpower.

For every diversity hire making $100k who scrolls Twitter for edgy content to ban there are several Ethiopian miners or Amazon delivery drivers whose labor is being undervalued and extracted at a disproportionate rate to uphold those mythical jobs. Essentially the digital aristocracy has a claim over physical resources and labor that are of actual essential importance. Without the real physical economy there would be no digital financial casino. Because despite being able to manipulate and print infinite money, adjust interest rates, or ban social media accounts, there is no way that one can print labor or increase ever depleting mineral resources. The easiest of which to obtain have already been mined and the future of which will cost even more to locate and be of more difficulty to obtain—meaning more manpower, more machines, and more energy to keep the same material standards as of today.

Today’s economy is primarily that of a post-service economy where we rehash and sell the same thing over and over again without creating anything novel or of value. Just the illusion of money movement which then drives speculation which itself is also driven by government printing. It’s just a giant jackoff fest where overworked plebeians think they are getting wealthier because “chart go up” when in fact the quality of living and physical resources you can obtain per hour worked has been decreasing for the past 50 years.

If you want to understand where economics must go eventually (the biggest question being how long) is back to cold hard industry and balanced budgets backed by real world assets (not leveraged IOUs). This is how it has always been done. We currently live in an illusory outlier. Russia and the BRICS nations are in the process of establishing an industrial and monetary base to challenge this status quo. Whether they succeed in usurping the parasitic financial class will be decided in due time. Either way, like the cycles of the Kali Yuga, long term economic cycles must be rebased in a physical economy. Otherwise all that those digital dollars will buy you is bug food and lower quality crime infested neighborhoods. Fake clown world would be a reality without end. Ultimately where there are peaks there are also troughs and as we know, there is no such thing as a monotonic process in nature. Humans and their technology is neither immune to this because we exist together as a part of nature. Advanced civilizations have come and gone before us. We are no different.

Federal Reserve Ponzinomics

We’re living in a massive Ponzi scheme bubble that will pop once those exiting are greater than those entering (our younger generations). More Boomers will retire than Zoomers, who are buying into careers and 401k’s. We don’t grow economically.

GDP = C + I + G + (X - M)

For GDP to go up some combination of the following letters on the right side of the equation need to go up as well. Problem is C, I and X-M aren’t really growing anymore. We largely don’t produce anything as a country and we aren’t consuming indefinitely because population is declining. Which is why most jobs don’t produce a tangible end product and also why most jobs are email and managerially bureaucratic in nature. So basically all the GDP bullshit you hear is increased by G government spending. Basically what I’m saying is that growth indicators aren’t really growing, the government is just printing money to inflate assets and make it look like we’re growing. When the printer is turned off, the S&P500 and other economic indicators largely track sideways. They aren’t growing without inflation.

Since we’re at the top of a bubble that isn’t backed by real population growth or industrial production we are basically sitting on fake value that will come crashing down if the government doesn’t keep injecting money to force it up. But as we know if they keep injecting money too quickly we’ll have hyperinflation and likely war will ensue so they are balancing on a tight rope. One side is bubble pop economic collapse and the other side is hyperinflation economic collapse. Either way an economic reset is well on its way.

Peak Oil Theory and Depopulation

On first thought, it makes no sense for the elites to continually stagnate wages in return for higher profit margins as workers without income cannot afford consumption and thus profit margins would falter. However, when viewed from the point of view of depopulation things begin to make more sense. For every worker who falls out of the consumption market (fails to keep up) will find himself in a deadly position. Either he starves or he fails to procreate. For every worker that is eliminated from the marketplace, a larger share of the market becomes cemented (owned) by the elite. It is true that the elite would sacrifice consumptive profit margins (i.e. woke agenda = bad business), but in return, the assets he already owns becomes more valuable with less people. If he can convince a tranny to remove his sperm from the gene pool, he just became that much richer. Essentially rather than growing, they prefer pruning.

Less people vying for resources secures the world for the elite. There is a diminishing return on rent seeking behavior once demand reaches too much. Having no people rent your 1,000 acres is of course unproductive unless you yourself benefit from its natural resources and your own labor in its workings. However, having thousands of people vying for it’s rent could also be a problem when you cannot accommodate every persons need and thus risk a potential usurping of your land rights. I think we might be here with regards to how the elite see the current numbers of populations. Especially if resources truly are diminishing.

I cannot honestly say how much oil reserves truly exist and at what rate we are drawing them down because these numbers are not certain given the conflict of interests at play. From what I understand the Rockefellers could have been rigging supply by lying about oil reserves in order to drive certain demand and thus pricing. If oil is perceived rare then the prices will generally be more expensive. This is why OPEC and other cartels slow production supplies in order to drive certain demand. But what if oil reserves are in fact dwindling? Then the global elite would be the first to know and thus their intent would be to slow it’s decline via reducing demand (i.e. depopulation). They would also not panic the masses and instead indicate that energy resources are abundant and well.

As @deboliusmaximus brought to my attention recently regarding the abiotic oil theory being a source of energy that is produced continuously from the Earths core thus reducing the decline of affordable energy, I still have some concerns related to it’s use indefinitely. Water is also continuously regenerated due to the water cycle being a much shorter turn around, however, in some places on the planet we are running out of fresh water in major southwestern US cities due to over usage. AKA population is too much in those areas and are putting too much demand on their regional natural systems. With regards to oil, we must drill deeper to continue tapping new reserves. Even if these oil reserves are abiotic and thus regenerate (at what rate though?). How come under current demands we are continuously drilling deeper? Because the limit of human consumption is today faster than the rate at which abiotic fuels are regenerating. So unless technology can advance and become more efficient at a faster rate than human demands, we will hit a point where it become economically infeasible to drill deeper. And this is where the Peak Oil Theory comes from. It’s not that we will run out of oil in the crust per se, but reserves will become more difficult to obtain thus costing more to extract. Once it costs too much the average person would rather opt for walking than driving and then oil’s prevalence would become less.

Oil and energy are the most important indicators on how future populations will turn out. If it is indeed running low, then economic growth will stagnate and a return to the Stone Age will ensue. Alternative energy resources such as wind, solar, and nuclear are not at a level today to sustain a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel driven economies. Only 3% of energy is currently produced by those alternative sources. The infrastructure is not there because the resources required to build those infrastructures cost significantly more than just using current fossil fuel technologies and resources. This is why despite all the green propaganda, nothing has actually been done of any significance. We still consume more energy and material. The shear amount of lithium and other rare-earth minerals needed to be mined in order to construct electric vehicles and solar panels would significantly increase pollution by liberal standards. The whole idea of Tesla saving the world is just a liberal fantasy because building all of those electrics cars would produce more carbon pollution and deplete resources faster than just running on older gasoline engines.

Unless population and its consumption can continue to grow, assets and the economy will be forced to stagnate. If we know that the economy is far more likely to stagnate than continue to grow in an authentic manner (i.e. not government printing) then it’s safe to say that we exist in a bubble and that traditional financial assets such as stocks, pensions, and other rentier assets will be of less value going forward given that there will be less people and growth to keep their high rentier position. If people are fighting for food, no one will be concerned with the performance of Apple or Berkshire Hathaway stock. What I mean to say is that given two options in a stagnant economy food or index funds, the majority will chose food. In other words physical economy will become valuable again. The things that financial speculation are backed by will become the boon of survival. To say it another way, the financial norms we’ve been accustomed to for the greater part of 100 years will go the way of the dinosaurs. And this is why the oil question is so important. Because abundant cheap energy will be the driving factor in whether the world economy stagnates or continues to grow. Which itself will determine what the new normal will become.


Yockey writes that the primitive man is the man who is concerned only with economics and reproduction. Like an animal he only strives to nourish himself and have sex. The Cultured Man is one who concerns himself with symbols and ideas of higher meaning. To him sex and money is no different than breathing. They exist on a base level of importance. The West today has already returned to its primitive roots. We live in the skeleton of what remains. The world cities are emptying out. The barbarians (immigrants and parasitic elites) are plundering. The men who still remain are left to clans (online right, homesteaders, etc.) and nomads (expats). If we want to survive we’ll have to adopt the clannish attitude and isolate with trusted likeminded people because the West, the USA is not going back to its glory days. It’s Balkanization from here on out. Split back into multiple kingdoms like old with warring factions. The populations will only get more primitive from here. The Biden elite are more and more incompetent daily. Pedophilia is openly celebrated. SBF and the other SEC approved Ponzi schemes are without consequences. It is pure clown world and nothing is real.

We’re in the plundering phase of the culture. It’s not going to be a sudden collapse. It can take hundreds of years and we might only be half way there. In order to get ahead today you have to be some sort of middleman which collects a fee for standing in the way. It’s legal theft and that is how you know our civilization is declining because we no longer produce for betterment of society but rather we just steal money in primitive self-interest. And like Yockey discussed earlier, when a culture only concerns itself with money and sex it becomes a primitive society once again. People who go out of their way to virtue signal in this climate are not actually thinking about virtue or higher ideals. The animal brain just latches onto these past signifiers (like freedom or fairness) and uses them to obtain those primitive desires like money or sex. These signifiers once held meaning are now just empty vassals. Which is why trying to debate them now is pointless because the spirit of the age is dead and thus the old meaning is also dead.

So what then is the differentiated man to do within this economic climate where everything is a false representation of the real thing? The answer is to not be fake, but rather real. To build real tangible results that provide invaluable resources to people you love. To provide essential goods and services that cannot be done without. To begin the process of transition away from usury and towards a moral society guided by the tutelage of the great philosophers and traditions of the worlds ancient civilizations. To prepare for the world as it has always been.

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